Adobo Acorn Squash, Crispy Quinoa, and Chimichurri

When it comes to roasted squash, I’m all about big flavors. Give me all the spices and herbs. This adobo acorn squash is the perfect example. The squash is roasted in a great mix of spices and finished with one of my favorite herb sauces. Perfect as a side or add a cup of pinto beans or chickpeas to make it lunch.

Acorn Squash or Bust (not really)

One of my favorite sections in the grocery store is the section that houses winter squash. Some stores have the standard: butternut, spaghetti, and acorn while other stores branch out with red kuri, blue hubbard, and delicata. I love them all for many different reasons and honestly, acorn is usually towards the bottom of this list.

However, acorn works really well for recipes like this adobo squash. I find that acorn, when not overcooked, holds it’s texture well. The flavor is mild enough to support a bit of character in pairings.

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