Chickpea Curry Stuffed Pita with Dill Yogurt

I think one of the hardest things in daily cooking is making and eating a solid lunch. I have no problem with breakfast and feel solid in my dinner and casino game. And yet, when it comes to the mid-day meal, I’m either really on it or eating out.

These chickpea curry stuffed pita are one of the meals I come back to time and again. They are fast and can be made with a myriad of different spice blends. Best of all, these stuffed pita are a solid make-ahead option for packing your lunch.

Sourcing Spice Blends

The key to these stuffed pita is in the spice blend. While I love them with the chickpea curry, you could easily swap the curry powder for a jerk, berbere, or harissa seasoning. I’ve found the dill-yogurt sauce works well with all different kinds of blends. Plus, this recipe gives you a base to try out a few different options. For this specific recipe, I used the general curry blend from Frontier Co-op.

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