Diabetes and its treatment

Diapedia estimates that diabetes as a global disease has already affected almost 300 million people on this planet. The most common, diabetes mellitus, is described as a condition of high glucose in the blood. In present-day terms, it’s called “high blood sugar count.”

Medical science has discovered that the abnormal elevation of glucose is a result of the inability of the body to produce insulin for its own needs, or what may be termed, “impaired insulin secretion and impaired insulin action.” Type 1 diabetes or diabetes mellitus can lead to other complications like kidney failure.

Classic symptoms of Type 1 diabetes include excessive thirst, polyuria or excessive urination, and weight loss due to the rapid breakdown of fat and protein as a result of insulin inaction. Type 2 diabetes on the other hand exhibit symptoms less directly related to Type 1 diabetes but are related to infections and heart disease. It should be noted that older people are not so much affected by Type 1 diabetes.

While insulin injections may be the most prominent solution to the problem of diabetes, the discovery of the use of plants and herbs in many parts of the globe that can reduce the risk or even cure diabetes has become increasingly popular.

Diabetes and its treatment today may not always be in the form and process of undergoing regular insulin injections. Today, diabetes can also be prevented by some naturopathic remedies provided there is regular monitoring of a person’s blood sugar count.

Modern-day lifestyle and dietary habits have increased modern man’s vulnerability to diabetes. However, present-day developments in alternative medicine have increased the chances of people to prevent, if not eliminate the disease.

If you think you exhibit symptoms of diabetes and want to treat your medical condition naturally, there exist many sources of information on the use of plants, herbs, fruits, and roots that can be used to treat not only diabetes but many related diseases.

Ayurveda medicine, for example, carries ancient herbs that are in use in India for thousands of years that can cure diabetic symptoms. In Asia, the discovery of lemongrass as a natural way of lowering down a person’s blood sugar has become famous. Lemongrass drinks are now available in the market at a relatively fair price. Lemongrass has also been known to protect the kidneys and liver.

Dr. Wendy Myer’s mineral therapy program has helped thousands of people afflicted with various diseases including diabetic-related ones. Her therapy program includes the non-invasive reversal of peripheral artery diseases and infections related to Type 2 diabetes. Among the components of the program include the use of Magnesium as a master mineral combined with regular intake of Alpha Lipoic Acid, Turmeric, Fish Oil, Garlic Oil, Lemon Oil, Coenzyme, and a unique natural enzyme used in Japan for hundreds of years called Nattokinase.

High-potency diabetic support formulas are also available in the market today or what is known as nutritional support for people with diabetes. The recipe may include Chromium Picolinate, Biotin and Vitamin D in one tablet.

Other food supplements include the intake of the vegetable Ampalaya combined with Banaba and Turmeric in capsule form.

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