Eating Lean and Green at McDonald’s

Yes, you can!

Last week I went camping in Eastern Oregon with my whole extended family. It’s a long-time tradition that we have been doing since I was a young girl. The trip is steeped with anticipation of campfires, boating on the lake, riding bikes, and of course, eating. Lots of eating. The kids were thrilled for the change of pace, and so was I. But leaving home also gave me a sense of apprehension being separated from all my familiar routines and comforts of my home kitchen. As expected, I found myself trying to order healthful foods at a variety of fast food and truck-stop eateries on the way.

The very first stop, my kids insisted on breakfast at McDonald’s. Despite my begging to make a second stop for coffee and eggs somewhere else, I got outvoted. I was stuck trying to find a Mc-something that wouldn’t destroy a healthy eating plan. As we drove into the parking lot, I jumped on my phone and started searching up McDonald’s nutritional information.

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