Smoked Farro Plum Salad

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Is there anything better than a fresh salad during the hot summer months? No, at least not in my book. Even better is a salad that uses the delightful stone fruit. It’s a salad favorite of mine and when it’s an anchor for the smoked farro and maple tahini dressing.

Summer Stone Fruit

During the summer, I’m lucky if I actually get to use the stone fruit to bake. It’s a family favorite. However, I make sure I sneak a few fruit salads in because they are just absolutely delightful. The sweet from the fruit pairs well with the hearty grains and smoothness of the tahini.

Beyond the plums, you could use peaches or even cherries. If you’re looking for easy, I’d go with peaches. Plums, as delicious as they are, can sometimes put up a fight when trying to remove the pit.

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