Watermelon Salad with an Asian Twist

It’s almost August but with all the rain and the slowly shortening days I started to sense that autumn is soon coming. Trying to get the best of what’s left from summer seems to be the only way to expand the time and prevent myself for getting the summer blues. Stuffing my fridge with fresh, seasonal fruits, herbs and veggies is also part of the process.

I love all the fresh wild berries, the peaches and apricots, aubergines, bell peppers, tomatoes and juicy watermelons. The floral dress you wear when going to the market, the sun light filtered by the tree leaves, the farmers’ smiles, the vibrant colors and fragrances and oh, that crack of a ripe watermelon at first cut – all these simple things create peaceful memories, make you live the moment, stay present and expand the time.

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